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 My Cover Letter

My Wife's Cover Letter

15 Year Old Daughter's Cover Letter

18 pg Detail Letter

A Bishop Who Left The Church

Top 10 Mormon Problems Explained

Bias Bingo:  How Cognitive Bias Generates Belief


The Changing World of Mormonism
by Jerald and Sandra Tanner!

This book is full of solid sourced information that you can
look up by topic.  It's available free in PDF format by clicking here.

I hope that someday my own mother will be able to say this:

If you have been to the temple you will recognize the vast similarities
in the Masonic ceremonies contained in this video series:


Brief Stories of Joseph Smith's 34 Wives
More info at:
You can also verify most of his wives here:

Joseph Smith's Handwritten First Vision from 1832
(Discussed 15 min into the main video at the top of the page.)

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Click Here to see it typed out to aid in reading Joseph's handwritting.